Slayton Search Partners: What is the Future of the Workforce? Are We Living in a Present-Day Human Renaissance?

We are on the precipice of century-level societal change which will reach far beyond the confines of the traditional workplace. Prominent thought leaders are describing this as the Great Resignation, Great Reshuffling, or Great Retirement. In some opinions, these descriptors are too narrow and fall short of defining the seismic changes occurring around the globe.

Psychology Today might have inched closer to capturing the broader theme by framing this as the Great Reprioritization, but even this is not comprehensive enough. The Great Resignation or Great Retirement are events that will dissipate rather quickly; however, the deeper relationship between work and life will be redefined forever. What is the future of the workforce? 

Slayton Search Partners published insights on what the future could hold, including: 

  • The Future of Traditional Business Models
  • The Future of Criteria: What Makes your Organization Attractive to Candidates
  • Future Predictions - What does this mean for HR?

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John Doyle
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