BlueSteps 2013 Mid-Year Executive Outlook - July 2013

The 2013 Mid-Year BlueSteps Global Executive Outlook Survey was conducted in June 2013 and received 491 responses from BlueSteps member executives worldwide, including 48% from the Americas, 42% from EMEA and 10% from Asia Pacific.

Mid-2013 Executive Job Market Outlook

The 2013 Mid-Year BlueSteps Executive Outlook shows that the majority of global senior executives share a neutral (42%) to positive (38%) outlook regarding the global executive job market for the remainder of 2013. 20% of executives surveyed harbor a negative view of the executive job market during the second half of 2013.

Even though the majority of senior executives had a neutral to positive outlook, many executives still see the outlook as negative for reasons including ageism, lack of gender diversity and the volatile economy, particularly in Europe.

Mid-2013 Business Outlook

45% of global executives share a positive impression of the general business climate for the second half of 2013—up ten percentage points over mid-year 2012.

Regional Confidence Level in the Executive Job Market

Most executives were neutral (39%) about their confidence level in the executive job market in their region compared to other regions for the remainder of 2013. More executives are very confident (7%) or confident (25%) about the executive job market in their region than extremely unconfident (9%) or unconfident (20%).

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