BlueSteps 2013 Executive Outlook - January 2013

2013 Executive Job Market Outlook

The 2013 BlueSteps Executive Outlook shows that the majority of global senior executives share a neutral (37%) to positive (36%) outlook regarding the global executive job market in 2013. Twenty-seven percent of executives surveyed harbor a negative view of the executive job market during 2013.

2013 Business Outlook

Forty-two percent of global executives share a positive impression of the general business climate for 2013—up seven percentage points over 2012.

2013 Outlook by Region

While the general global outlook for executive jobs in 2013 remains relatively consistent with last year’s data, executives in certain regions report a more positive outlook compared to their global colleagues. Executives in India report the most positive attitude regarding the executive job market, with 73% of executives there harboring a positive outlook. Fifty-nine percent of executives in Canada report a positive attitude, as do 56% of executives in Latin America. Half of executives (50%) in the Middle East report feeling positive about the executive job market in 2013. Fewer executives in Brazil and ASEAN (both in the top three most positive markets in the 2012 report) harbor a positive outlook for 2013 compared to last year, with only 29% of executives in Brazil (compared to 55% in 2012) and 17% of executives in ASEAN (compared to 44% in 2012) feeling positive this year.

Career-Related Concerns Among Executives

When asked about their greatest career-related concerns for 2013, finding a new executive opportunity was the primary concern of most executives, followed closely by ongoing concerns regarding increased competition for executive jobs and fewer new opportunities available, as well as the volatile economic outlook, especially in Europe.

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