AESC Middle East Talent Survey 2015

The AESC Middle East Talent Survey 2015 asked senior executives from 100 companies in the Middle East about the challenges they face in attracting and retaining top talent.  AESC also asked a selection of search consultants for their views on talent related issues in the region. Survey data is highlighted Part One while Part Two contains highlights from interviews with search consultants in the region. 
Impact of Talent on Business Success
Talent has a significant impact on business success in the region according to data from the 2015 AESC Middle East Talent Survey. Respondents were asked to rank the impact of a variety of issues on future business performance on a scale of 1 to 4 (with four having the greatest impact). The highest ranked issue affecting future business success related to finding the right talent with a score of 3.86. This was followed by political unrest (3.46) and oil prices (3.36). 
Talent Shortages
More than 66% of respondents said their organisations faced difficulties securing talented individuals for key roles
Issues to Related to Securing Top Talent 
65.1% of respondents said there was a lack of available talent in the region. This was highlighted as the biggest barrier to appointing top talent. The second most significant issues related to the failure of firms to successfully build a talent pipeline within their organisations. 
Women and Leadership
44% of respondents felt that it was difficult for women to achieve top roles in their organisation, while 42% said that it was not difficult for women to reach top leadership roles. 
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