AESC Welcomes Herbert Mines Associates into its Global Membership

Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC), the global professional association representing excellence in executive search and leadership advisory solutions, announces today the approval of Herbert Mines Associates into its global membership. The firm’s acceptance follows extensive vetting, including reference checks, site visits, votes by AESC regional councils and commitment to the AESC Code of Professional Practice.

Based in New York, New York, Herbert Mines Associates has operated since 1978 as a trusted advisor and strategic partner working with clients to evolve, upgrade and facilitate senior-level executive search for consumer-facing brands ranging from emerging startups to Fortune 100 companies. The firm works broadly across the consumer-facing landscape with specific expertise in omni-channel Retail, Digital, Consumer Products, Hospitality and Leisure.

Chair and CEO of the firm, Hal Reiter commented, “We are particularly delighted to rejoin the AESC, as we are now celebrating our 40th anniversary as an executive search firm. We are more convinced as ever that human capital is the most important asset a business has. Thus, our affiliation with AESC is not only timely, but appropriate and important as well.”

About the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants

AESC is the voice of excellence for the executive search and leadership consulting profession worldwide. Its rigorous Code of Professional Practice guides members in nearly 1,300 offices in 74 countries and beyond to serve as strategic advisors on behalf of their clients. In turn, AESC members are best positioned to provide companies with a competitive advantage—the ability to find, attract and develop the best talent in the world and ensure that executives are successfully integrated.