AESC Delhi Meeting Focused on Indian Talent Issues of the Future

The AESC Delhi Forum brought together search professionals from across India to discuss how executive search can find solutions to the talent problems of the future

The rapid growth of the Indian economy has created opportunities for local businesses to expand both domestically and globally. “Fast growth brings opportunities but also challenges, after seeing the quality of people at today’s forum, I have no doubt that the executive search profession is well positioned to help Indian business meet their future talent needs” said Patrick Rooney, APAC Managing Director of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC).

AESC organized the forum in Delhi on November 2 2015 as part of its mission to promote excellence in executive search.

The Forum took a deep look at different means of finding talent, taking into account the use of new technology and social media. Researchers and associates also discussed the business context in which executive search operates across the region, and issues attracting expatriate and returning Indian talent.

Key note speaker Carol O’Driscoll, Director of Archer Search Limited, said: “The growth of the economy across the region has driven the need for more high quality talent. There has been a corresponding growth in strength and depth of market knowledge of search firms and their ability to develop a network of high quality candidates.”

“As Indian economy evolves executive search will become more complex, more challenging, and more essential” said Panelist Ronesh Puri, Managing Director of Executive Access India.