You & Partners Employees Join the Gogo Challenge Campaign

Individual awareness about environmental pollution is increasing day by day. Accordingly, various campaigns for environmental protection are being carried out around the world, such as reducing the use of plastics in daily life and using tumblers and reusable containers.

In keeping with this trend, You & Partners also joined the Gogo Challenge campaign after being nominated by Corning Korea CEO Hahn Hae-hee. The Go Go Challenge is a "Go! Go!" action to reduce plastic in daily life, one action that should not be done and one action that can be practiced. It was started by the Ministry of Environment on January 4, 2021 by making a promise through social media, etc. with luck.

You & Partners CEO Soon-Shin Yoo is always very interested in the environmental pollution problem and is working hard to solve it, even in small ways, such as the use of personal mugs and the use of recycled paper.

Following the CEO's will, U&Partners executives and employees also took an interest in environmental issues and willingly participated in this Gogo Challenge.

CEO Yoo Soon-shin has named Senior & Partners, Senior & Partners CEO Eun-jeong Lee and Hierbest CEO Hye-ryun Jeong, as the next runners in the GoGo Challenge.

Please join us in small actions for the environment.

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