Vanderbloemen Partners with Kadi Cole

Vanderbloemen is excited to introduce Kadi Cole as a Strategic Partner. Kadi, an inspiring leadership coach, and organizational guide will be introduced to Vanderbloemen's clients who want to “lift the lid” on their organization.

Kadi will work with clients on exploring ways to grow through better leadership, teamwork, organizational culture, self-leadership, building a team, development, or working with volunteers.

Kadi’s services also include custom organizational consulting, which helps you to pinpoint what is holding you back as an organization and discover what you can do to move forward. Common topics include scaling for growth, leadership retreat facilitation, strategic planning, multi-site strategies, development pipelines, training leaders, teamwork, management skills training and executive-level coaching.

Kadi and her team also offer services on life-plans for leaders through guided retreats, leadership coaching, and more.

Kadi’s love for leadership and development started at an early age with a strong passion to serve people combined with a deep hunger to learn how to help in ways that really make a difference. She is still on a quest to learn how she can help.

Kadi’s real passion has always been serving the community by working with leaders to increase their effectiveness in whatever role of influence they have been given. She has logged thousands of volunteer hours helping people grow and learn how to fully fulfill their calling, with a special emphasis on serving people of faith and local church ministries.

In early 2000, Kadi was recruited by her local church to help them navigate scaling a fast-growing faith community and innovative ministry strategy. She served 16 years at Christ Fellowship Church (Palm Beach Gardens, FL) leading in a variety of critical leadership roles as the church grew from 3,500 to 23,000, launched eight additional campuses, and exceeded $50m budget. Her final role was as Executive Director of Multisite in which she oversaw all campuses, built a campus launch strategy, and created the Kaléo School of Leadership, an innovative leadership development system for growing campus volunteer and staff teams from within the congregation.

In 2016, Kadi transitioned from full-time church leadership to working directly with leaders in business and ministry through Kadi Cole & Company as well as key roles with Leadership Network, Replenish Ministries, and Multisite Solutions. Kadi works extensively with multi-site churches, technology businesses, and individual leaders from a variety of professional settings. Kadi’s newest passion project is to help church leaders who want to do a better job developing the female leadership talent in their congregations.

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