Stanton Chase: International Search Underway For Director Of Shared Operations

War Child Europe, an international non-profit organization, and Stanton Chase, an international executive search firm, are pleased to announce their partnership in a search for War Child’s next Director of Shared Operations. The alliance is highlighted in a recent Stanton Chase GAMECHANGER video featuring Tjipke Bergsma, the CEO of War Child Holland.

War Child is an international organization committed to protecting and supporting children affected by armed conflict. War Child International is comprised of three implementing offices: War Child UK, War Child Holland, and War Child Canada. Although each organization operates independently, they are brought together through their common vision and dedication to supporting children and young people affected by war. War Child also has offices in the United States, Sweden, Germany, and Australia.

The Stanton Chase Amsterdam office is currently leading a search for a new Director of Shared Operations for War Child Netherlands, a position that includes oversight of the two affiliates in Germany and Sweden. Stanton Chase Partners Jan-Bart Smits and Patricia Flipsen have been supporting War Child with other pro bono searches in recent years.

“It is a privilege and honor to work with the dedicated team at War Child,” remarked Jan-Bart. “I believe our firm’s unparalleled leadership search capacity will truly strengthen their organization, and this will ultimately benefit children worldwide.”

The current search for a Director of Shared Operations represents fulfilling a key, top-level position within the War Child organization. The Director of Shared Operations (DSO) is responsible and accountable for leading, managing, monitoring, and supporting all the operations departments of War Child, including managing the Finance, HR, and ICT departments, amongst other responsibilities. For more information, contact Jan-Bart Smits.

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