Stanton Chase Elects a New Board of Directors

In December 2022, Stanton Chase’s Governance Committee announced the results of its latest Board election. 

“On behalf of the Stanton Chase Global Governance Committee, we are very proud of our fellow shareholders and the overall leadership group as they have acted with speed, transparency, inclusion, and decisiveness in our biennial Board of Directors election process. As a result of this international cooperation and agility, we are pleased to announce the results for our new global Board of Directors.”

Mickey Matthews, Chair of the Governance Committee

Stanton Chase’s new Board of Directors includes the following members:

Global Chair of the Board: Kristof Reynvoet   

Global Vice Chair, Regions: Çağrı Alkaya          

Global Vice Chair, Business Excellence: Bernardita Mena     

Global Vice Chair, Practice Groups: Tom Christensen     

Global Vice Chair, Finance: Ken Nimitz   

Despite unprecedented challenges, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the previous Board, led by Global Chair Jan-Bart Smits, sustained growth and accomplished many noteworthy achievements during its tenure.  

Stanton Chase understands the importance of strong leadership that is courageous, diverse, and authentic. Its new Board reflects exactly that and has substantial backing from its shareholders. It is also globally diverse, with members hailing from the US, UK, Chile, Belgium, and Norway. 

Furthermore, Stanton Chase’s new Board consists of highly qualified Board members who have extensive experience both as executive search and leadership advisory specialists and subject matter experts in their respective fields. Additionally, they have proven track records in global leadership positions. The new Board’s ongoing innovation and dedication to excellence will undoubtedly contribute to Stanton Chase’s continued success. 

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