RSR Partners Announces Combined Family-Owned And Family Office Practice

RSR Partners announced that their family-owned business and family office practices will combine to jointly offer clients a full range of services related to governance, executive recruiting, and succession planning.

The Family-Owned and Family Office practice is national in scope and brings together members of RSR’s board recruiting, board advisory, executive search, and family office practices. The team specializes in guiding family-owned businesses towards longevity, from generation to generation.

“The COVID pandemic has challenged many of our family-owned business clients to better plan for leadership succession,” states Thames Fulton, a member of the RSR’s Board Recruiting practice. “No one wants to wait for an emergency to begin succession. Whether the family needs to develop the next generation to manage the business or search externally, many are coming to us for governance advice and for the tools to transition smoothly and position for the future.”

“There is a link between the establishment of a family office and succession success,” adds Jane Bierwirth, Co-Head of the firm’s Asset Management practice with more than 25 years of family office experience. “A family office provides security for the business while a transition occurs. It also provides families with a vehicle to grow and diversify their investments, leading to greater opportunities for the next generation. We see a tremendous amount of talent attracted to family office opportunities and we are able to match families with investment professionals who appreciate the family’s long-term strategy.”

An increasingly competitive market is also spurring interest in RSR’s strategic talent advisory services for family-owned businesses. “We have been engaged to assess the culture of family-owned businesses in order to help the leaders we recruit adapt to the values and behaviors of the organization,” says Gretchen Crist, leader of the firm’s Human Capital and Consumer Goods and Services practices. “Many of our clients are also partnering with us to coach internal leaders and prepare them for succession into C-suite roles.”

“Collaboration across practices is a hallmark of our firm. This practice supplements the robust services we offer to Board and CEOs and is another example of the integrated approach that our clients count on,” states Brett Stephens, Chief Executive Officer of RSR. “Family-owned businesses are the heart and soul of America, and we are thrilled to bring together our expertise in these areas to serve the best interests of these important clients.”

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