Quinton Anthony Gives Employees the Freedom to Manage Their Own Time

In recognition of the importance of employees taking leave to support their health and wellbeing, Quinton Anthony recently launched a fresh approach to employee engagement with QA Life.

Rolled out late last year, QA Life gives employees ownership of their time by providing total flexibility with their breaks from work.  There is no limit to the amount of time that can be taken off or when it can be taken.

Sophie Schaedel, Managing Partner said: "As we all know, work is generally a large part of our lives.  With research showing more employees are feeling stressed and disconnected at work, we wanted to empower our people to really engage with the work they do by taking back control of what we value most - time.  
"Life is busy.  We have commitments at work and at home, and sometimes we need to take some time off to find inspiration or recharge our batteries, focus on relationships with friends and family, or attend our child's school concert.  These are important parts of our lives and who we are, and we shouldn't have to worry about counting hours and leave accruals when we need some extra time off.
"QA Life provides employees with the freedom to take the time they need to invest in who they are while managing their work commitments.  Our employees are specialists in what they do and we trust them to deliver exceptional results for our clients.  Why shouldn't we treat them in the same way with their personal time and interests?" Sophie added.
All employees across QA's Sydney and Melbourne offices have embraced the initiative since its launch late last year.  Employees have balanced their work commitments with taking time off over the festive season to catch up with family and friends without feeling they needed to save this leave for later in the year. 
QA Life complements a number of initiatives introduced over the past year including a profit share scheme, an Employee Assistance Program and providing financial support for employees to use for learning and professional development.
Quinton Anthony plans to continue with exciting initiatives in the future.