PwC: Total Number of Information Security Incidents Increases 48% Compared To Last Year

PwC has released its Global State of Information Security Report, indicating that the total number of security incidents detected showed an increase of 48% compared to 2013.

Today, most organizations realize that cybersecurity has become a persistent, all-encompassing business risk. But as the frequency and costs of security incidents continue to rise, our survey found that many organizations have not updated critical information security processes, technologies, and employee training needs.

In some cases, it appears that information security programs have weakened due to inadequate investments in information security. At the same time, the financial costs of investigating and mitigating incidents grow year over year.

Compromises by insiders—current and former employees, as well as third parties with trusted network access—continue to rise, but many organizations have not implemented processes and technologies to address internal incidents. No matter how secure an organization’s network and data, it will be open to compromise if third parties do not employ equivalent security and privacy safeguards. Another worrisome finding is a diminished commitment to employee training and awareness programs.

Click here to see the findings of PwC’s Global State of Information Security Survey.

Joe Nocera, Partner at PwC, will lead a panel discussion on cyber security with Marene N. Allison, Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, Johnson & Johnson and Jamil Farshchi, Chief Information Security Officer, Time Warner Inc. at the AESC’s Global Conference on April 15th.

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