Novare Starts New Company

Novare Human Capital, founded in 2001 by Investor and Fredrik Hillelson, today consists of several different companies. On 1 September, the Novare staffing company Novare Bemanning will start focusing on the public sector and the business community. The CEO and founder is Martin Hellberg, with a long history in the HR sector and most recently from Randstad, where he was business area manager in staffing.

Fredrik Hillelson, CEO and founder of Novare Human Capital says,

"We have long wanted to offer our customers staffing services and when we met Martin we finally found a person who can help us create a staffing company, but with Novarestyle. I look forward to working with Martin and his team."

Martin Hellberg says,

"I look forward to building what is missing in the staffing market today. A company that is characterized by speed, professionalism and friendliness but which also has a community commitment and is brave. My colleagues and I hope that we can attract those who want to do things in a slightly different way. We want to make it easier and easier for clients and candidates to meet each other and create a fast and efficient staffing. I am happy to start this company as part of Novare, which I think is at the forefront of how the HR companies of the future work."

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