Royer Thompson's LeadershipPool© Helps Buyers Assess Management Talent In Potential M&A Transactions

Canadian talent management firm Royer Thompson launched a new service to help deal teams assess talent and culture during M&A transactions.

LeadershipPool@ is a proven approach to enhance due diligence when assessing potential transactions with a focus on talent and culture. We deliver the service virtually or in-person in a concerted four-six week process. We provide deal teams with insight on the leadership team and recommendations on organizational structure and strategies to retain and develop top talent and ensure organizational alignment.

“Companies invest heavily in financial and legal due diligence when considering the acquisition of a business or making financial investments but have not taken an independent or rigorous approach to assess the leadership skills, strategic and operational orientation, and risks of the core team who they will rely on to ensure their investment is secure,” says Kim West, President of Royer Thompson. “We all understand that COVID has changed our world forever. First it has sharpened everyone’s focus on the importance of leaders in creating value for shareholders and mitigating financial and operational risk when there is no roadmap. Second, COVID is likely to result in owners and shareholders buying, selling, merging, or restructuring companies at an accelerated pace particularly over 2021 and 2022.”

The acquisition of new talent in a M&A transaction also presents opportunity to deepen the leadership pool for succession planning in the acquiring company as the competition for top global talent intensifies. Early assessment of leadership talent during the M&A and investment process provides insight to manage risk, facilitate operational integration, assess change readiness, and identify potential strengths and gaps in the leadership team. It is also a tool for sellers to provide a third-party validation of the strength of their management team when seeking buyers and investors.

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