IMS Talent Has Appointed Ari Virtanen as Executive Search Consultant and Partner

Ari Virtanen will join IMS Talent as an Executive Search Consultant and Partner in the beginning of March 2019.

He brings 30 years of broad business and technology experience from telecommunications, consumer products, software, manufacturing and construction industries.

Ari has been leading global listed and non-listed business and technology organizations - both in Finland and in the USA - most recently as a President and CEO of a well-known Finnish manufacturing and technology company, Ensto. He has a proven track record of strategy creation, business leadership, technology management and recruiting senior talents to key positions. He has extensive experience as non-executive Board member.

Ari holds a Masters degree from Tampere University of Technology. Ari is currently completing his post graduate studies in industrial engineering and management. He is passionate about the business transformation and renewal challenge of traditional firms, and he has published several academic articles and conference papers on the topic as a part of his post-graduation studies. Ari's working languages are Finnish and English.