IIC Partners Introduces the International Mentorship Program

The unique invitation only program provides CEOs, CFOs, CHROs, Board Members, and other executives with personal development, executive coaching, and networking opportunities.

IIC Partners Executive Search Worldwide, one of the world’s top ten global executive search organizations, announces a new service for executives available by invitation only: the International Mentorship Program.

The International Mentorship Program matches CEOs, CFOs, CHROS, Board Members, and other executives with experienced leaders beyond one’s own industry and borders, allowing mentees to expand their perspectives and professional networks. The program’s unique focus on personal development empowers leaders to be aware of their own strengths; to understand their personal values; to develop a better balance between work, family, and personal time, and encourages “outside the box” thinking, among other benefits.

IIC Partners’s global network of independent executive search firms work together to find the perfect mentor across a diverse range of industry sectors and C-suite roles.

Ewa Olszewski, Senior Partner at Michaël Berglund AB in Sweden, and initiator of the program, shared,

“I am so excited to launch this program with my fellow IIC Partners colleagues! All over the world, we see leaders who strive to be better; to develop, set and achieve ambitious goals. Through our international network of leading executive search firms, we have established trusted personal relationships with some of the world’s most inspiring leaders. Developments in technology have enabled the world to feel closer and created new opportunities. We want to encourage and provide tools for personal development in a warm, generous, and challenging environment— helping leaders to become the best they can be. We believe that the International Mentorship Program will be one such powerful tool.”

Christine Hayward, Executive Director at IIC Partners, added,

“We are proud to announce this new service. The International Mentorship Program showcases the best of IIC Partners: collaboration by our global network of top executive search and consulting firms, sharing of our expertise in leading industries, and demonstrating forward thinking in providing a distinctive and unparalleled program.” 


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