Human Capital Solutions Expands to Miami, Florida

Human Capital Solutions (HCS), a high-touch, boutique consulting firm specializing in Retained Executive Search, Professional Recruiting, and Professional Coaching is excited to announce that over 20 years in business, the firm is expanding to Miami, Florida!

With offices established in Wilmington, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Raleigh, and most recently Greenville SC, Human Capital Solutions is now extending its reach into the Sunshine State.

The addition of an office in downtown Coral Gables is what HCS’ CEO, Bo Burch, believes to be a necessary step in the growth of the business. “In the era of technology hypergrowth, Miami shines as a mecca for both private equity and cutting-edge technology, generative AI, and cybersecurity, creating an unprecedented desire for top-tier talent,” shares Burch. “As the demand for boutique, luxury business services continues to grow, so does the need for high-level talent in the area, which was a huge factor in HCS’ expansion into South Florida. “

Burch describes the challenge for most companies to be the “talent piece”- much of the area’s growth is contingent on the availability of high-quality talent. As a subject matter expert, Burch believes the ability to attract and retain top talent is the differentiating factor. The desire to fill this gap and demand combined with HCS’ list of loyal clients made for a huge opportunity for the firm. Having these previously established and unyielding relationships also assisted in the decision to establish an office in Coral Gables.

This comes at an optimal time considering Florida’s booming business climate, making it an attractive location for businesses like HCS looking to continue expanding nationally.

In CNBC’s Top States for Business 2023 report, Florida ranked…

  • 8th overall
  • 1st in terms of economy
  • in the top third for workforce and infrastructure

The state also boasts a low tax structure, a massive tourism industry, access to an abundance of capital, and an enticingly subtropical climate. It comes as no surprise that in recent years, Miami and other Sun Belt cities such as Dallas and Nashville have blossomed into the “Wall Street of the South”. Tech and Finance companies in particular have been drawn to these urban hubs, bringing huge names like Ken Griffin and his hedge fund Citadel to Miami, reports Quartz.

This southern shift of large players has inspired many smaller businesses and startups to follow suit. The entrepreneurial spirit of South Florida is unique and burgeoning, attracting growing companies with its eager investors and supportive infrastructure. With much of the spotlight on the influx of large, flashy companies with access to immense amounts of capital, special attention has been placed on nurturing the mid-sized companies described by the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance as the “backbone” of South Florida- “the goal is to keep them here once they grow” says GFLA executive VP Ron Drew.

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