Delta Management Consultants: Management Consultancies Focus On The Topic Of Climate

The Paris Agreement as an example can only be achieved with the decisive support of the economy, which consequently results in a significantly increased responsibility for companies and the associated pressure to act for sustainability initiatives. Especially aside from politics and society, investors are also pushing for appropriate solutions. On this basis, consultants see a significant need for consulting services and initiate new practice groups or expand existing structures. The service portfolio of the consultants ranges from strategy development and implementation support to technological solutions in the form of software tools.

However, business consultants are faced with the question: Where can you find suitable candidates if there is little or no knowledge in the form of heads, even with the usual competition? Especially since a certain quantity is also sought. From our experience, the "hunting ground" is divided into three dimensions, with one of the core areas promising the highest chance of success.

On the one hand there are the highly specialized boutique consultancies that do an excellent job in a small setup and impress with their depth of content. However, these consultants have mostly consciously decided to go to a boutique and find larger organizational structures to be less than desirable. The essential cultural fit is often not given here.

On the other hand, we have Corporates' sustainability departments. Here, candidates also have resilient know-how and understand things from a company perspective. Here, however, it is very difficult for candidates to get used to the side effects of workload and travel. The step from consulting into industry remains the more likely path than the opposite.

In our experience, another dimension, in the form of scientific institutions and think tanks, is a particularly interesting target for the consultants. Most scientific staff have first-class academic training, a strong need for knowledge and excellence in content. So good conditions for a business consultant. The central challenge here is not so much to identify innovative knowledge carriers, but rather to find candidates with potential for consultancy who have the necessary dynamics, altitude and in particular motivation. The right candidates must be able to translate their content-related know-how into holistic entrepreneurial questions and make them usable, even beyond the pure research idea.

All in all, the consultants are forced to leave their usual recruiting paths and go new ways in order to win over the most innovative and best minds - as is the aim of top consulting. Our observation is that this is definitely the case and is being pursued with the necessary consequence.

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