Cornerstone International Group Global Conference 2021

The title of Cornerstone International Group's first Global Conference of 2021 next week is: Making Cornerstone Work For You!

That’s right. With the sky looking brighter every morning, they’re going to dig down into the many ways that being a member of Cornerstone International Group can help you in your business recovery. Be sure to put aside the morning of Thursday, March 25, 2021, for our second online Global Conference, starting at 0900 Eastern Daylight Time.

They are still gathering online (and may want to do so for a while). But the great success of their first virtual conference last September has shown us how effective, stimulating and enjoyable it can be to “talk but don’t touch”.

They are purposefully giving these gatherings a regional flavor by rotating the host organizer. Their first outing was hosted by Dan Heiman’s North America Region. Next week will be in the hands of Goran and the European & Middle East cohort.

There is a lot to discuss when we look at “Making Cornerstone work for you”. Are we ready for Frame Agreements? Are you making full use of CIG presentations? When’s the last time you used the tools in the Portal?

Register for the conference here.

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