Change at the Top of Management of Odgers Berndtson Germany

Daniel Nerlich has been the new Managing Director of Odgers Berndtson Unternehmensberatung GmbH since April this year. At the same time, Odgers Berndtson's German parent company has set up a new corporate and management structure, which bundles its activities into the "Search Services" and "Leadership Services" business units. In addition to the central functions such as marketing, HR, finance or IT, the holding company, which is led by the two former managing directors Klaus Hansen and Peter Herrendorf, will in the future promote the development of new HR services. With these measures, Odgers Berndtson wants to change the generation and create further growth in the range of services.

Daniel Nerlich (40) is partner and shareholder of Odgers Berndtson Germany and has been successfully working for the company since 2011. He leads the Industry Practices Business & Professional Services and Technology in Germany, which he will continue to hold in addition to his management activities. Daniel Nerlich is an expert in filling management positions in management consultancy, accounting firms, technology and industrial companies. In his new position, he will focus on leading the operational search business and expanding the team of consultants through additional external service providers. In the course of the year, another colleague focusing on market-related topics will complete the company's top position.

"I am taking over very well-advised advice from Klaus Hansen and his colleagues Peter Herrendorf and Michael Proft. They have made a significant contribution to the fact that Odgers Berndtson has developed so successfully in the top group of the German personnel consulting market in recent years," says Daniel Nerlich, "My goal is to continue systematically expanding the Executive Search as a core business of Odgers Berndtson and to consistently exploit the opportunities that our business also has for our business, for our clients and us," said the new Germany boss.

In recent years, Odgers Berndtson under the leadership of Klaus Hansen (54), Peter Herrendorf (52) and Michael Proft (56) has continuously increased its sales above average and created a completely new organizational structure. In the new corporate structure, Klaus Hansen and Peter Herrendorf will take over the management of Poseidon Marktforschungs- und Servicegesellschaft GmbH in addition to their activities as partners in the Odgers Berndtson management consultancy. It acts as a holding company and assumes key functions such as marketing, HR, finance or IT for the operating companies Odgers Berndtson Unternehmensberatung, Berndtson Interim and 2-Steps-A-Head. In addition, the holding company will promote the development of new business areas.

"The leadership of our operational consulting business was an extremely productive and educational time," says Klaus Hansen . "I am equally happy to support the continued growth of Odgers Berndtson from the holding company and to be able to focus more intensely on working with my clients in the industrial and energy sectors," says Hansen, who also works in his new role Member of the Global Board of Odgers Berndtson remains.

"Above all, the new holding company will be responsible for the identification and integration of new products and services, and I am pleased to continue to contribute to the further development of our company in the future," says Michael Proft , Head of Financial Services Practice at Odgers Berndtson and member of the Business & Professional Services team, who will look after the expansion of the second brand "2-Steps-A-Head" in the future.