Borderless Announces Two New Expert Partners

Borderless, a leading global firm in executive search and leadership consulting for the Chemical Industry value chain, the Life Sciences industry, and the Food & Drinks sector announces two new expert partners: Linda Stone and Brian Hughes.
Talented executives are at the heart of the life sciences industry. In this context, Borderless has become a leading global hub for executive search and leadership advisory. The global shortage of individuals with the relevant skills & expertise for leadership roles is a primary concern among the industry’s leaders. At Borderless, we understand the value of our partners' diverse perspectives and experiences.

With the appointment of Linda Stone and Brian Hughes, we are confident that they will bring their vision, expertise, and experience in an expanded capacity to strengthen our relationship with clients and to further enhance our business portfolio.
Linda brings a rich mix of legal, employment, and non-profit experience to the team. Having spent 20 years working in employment-based immigration law, her accomplishments as a professional extend to 90 countries.

Linda says,

“I have always worked within a variety of sectors, and enjoyed a particular focus in the life sciences borne out of both passion and circumstance, as I am based in Minneapolis, home to an innovation hub with more than 14,000 health care organizations. As a result, I have cultivated intimate knowledge across a broad spectrum of medtech, biotech products and health care systems and services, employing my capabilities to understand our clients’ businesses to bring them exceptional talent and build their teams.” 

It’s a privilege to work as a partner with the firm. Borderless is intergenerational, intercultural, and truly borderless; in combination with our highly consultative, relational model - it’s what sets the organization apart.”

Brian brings his extensive corporate HR experience to executive search. Currently working for a wide range of clients in biotech, medical device, pharma, and engineering, he is particularly excited about how the life sciences industry is converging with the tech sector.

“From artificial intelligence and personalized medicine to connected devices and digital transformation, the life sciences industry is rapidly evolving, bringing huge opportunities but also new risks.” Brian Hughes

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