30% Club Launches in Canada as Global Boardrooms Seek Gender Balance

The 30% Club, established five years ago with the goal of bringing FTSE 100 board membership representation of women to 30 percent by the end 2019, is set to launch in Canada next month.

Victor Dodig, CEO of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, has been appointed to head the Canadian chapter, which includes 28 founding members, largely comprised of chairs and CEOs from 22 different businesses, including Bank of Montreal, the Royal Bank of Canada, and KPMG Canada. Mr. Dodig will be supported by a steering committee responsible for overseeing numerous working groups, including an executive search firm committee, to be co-led by recruiter Jane Griffith of Four Corners Group. The Canadian chapter comes on the heels of recent 30% Club openings in the U.S., Ireland, Southern Africa, Australia, and Malaysia.