17, The Network, is Expanding with New Members

17 is an exclusive network for women who have started, own and lead larger companies that sell at least 50 Msk / year. The purpose of the 17 Network is to make women visible who started, owns, leads or has owned larger companies.

They want to inspire more women to want to run large companies. To become a member, you must submit an interest report on the website - Michaël Berglund AB are proud to be members of the network.

The network is driven by a vision of seeing as many successful women as men in business, who own and operate companies with significant sales and results. New members include Susanne Liljeberg, Lisa Lindström, Ida Backlund and Reneé Voltaire. So far, the network has grown rapidly from the original founders to 32 women. Everyone with the common experience has successfully started and run companies for a turnover of at least 50 million sec / year.

Read the full press release in Swedish here.