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Issue Nine

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Issue Eight

  • The Bionic Workforce
    The exponential growth of technology is changing the way we live and work. How will automation change the executive roles of the future and what impact will that have on senior talent acquisition?
  • Hybrid: The Art and Science of Executive Search
    How has technology changed the assessment of candidates and what opportunities do these innovations create?
  • Leadership During the Fourth Industrial Revolution
    How will the fourth Industrial Revolution impact the skills that executives need in order to thrive in such a rapidly changing sector?
  • Next Generation CIOs and CISOs
    Technology has led to innovation in every sector and function over the last decade. What impact has that had on the technology-focused roles of CIOs and CISOs?
  • Stand Out From the Digital Crowd
    How can executives and researchers ensure that they’re using social media effectively, efficiently and lawfully?
  • Innovation with a Higher Purpose
    Gerd Leonhard is a futurist who is listed by Wired Magazine as one of the top 100 most influential people in Europe. In this brief Q&A he outlines his new book, Technology vs Humanity, and how it relates to our profession.

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Issue Seven

  • Another Record Year
    This introductory section presents a selection of highlights from our research, as well as revisiting AESC’s predictions in the 2010 report Executive Search in Transition. Based on the past and present data, we look ahead to the next five years of the profession.
  • Our Profession Around the World
    In this section we present data about the regional and industry spread of the executive search and leadership consulting profession, based on the input of 13 AESC members.
  • AESC Members are Optimistic
    This section, based on a survey of almost 200 AESC members, discusses the opportunities, threat and future trends in our profession, as well as talking about the supply and demand for leadership consulting services.
  • Clients Share Top Challenges
    Our survey of almost 200 clients and interviews with almost 30 clients of executive search firms helped to inform this section, which covers when and why clients use executive search and leadership consulting firms, how they select them, and the metrics they would like to see used in the future.
  • Candidates Trust Executive Search Consultants
    We surveyed over 2,500 executive-level candidates to understand their experience of the executive search process to better understand what makes a positive candidate experience.

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