AESC Webinar: Social Media & Due Diligence



Today’s executives leave behind digital footprints that cut across a number of social and professional media sites, some easy to find in a Google search and some buried deep.

Candidates are increasingly sensitive about data privacy and (understandably) wary of intrusion. Clients have a growing appetite for information about candidates and less tolerance for controversies involving them. And, it isn’t surprising that protections are falling into place that limit the use of a candidate’s social media activity in employment decisions.

Search consultants today have to ask different kinds of questions of their clients at the beginning of a search. What is the client’s attitude towards bad language, sharing personal information, and discussing politics? Is the position in question more of an outward-facing marketing role, or an inward-facing compliance role?

Join our panel of experts on Tuesday, October 31 at 10:00 am ET (view your local time here) as we explore what you and your firm need to know about social media and due diligence. 


Jay Andre, Senior Director of Research, Kincannon & Reed
Peter Lagomarsino, Partner, Mintz Group
Kathy Simmons, Executive Director, BlueSteps Executive Career Services
Facilitated by Karen Greenbaum, President & CEO, AESC 



This webinar is sponsored by AESC partner Mintz Group.