Researcher & Associate Forum 2020: Building Resilience in Executive Research

September 29, 2020
Building Resilience in Executive Research
September 29, 2020
07:00 to 14:30

2020 has thrown unexpected social, economic, and health related challenges that have impacted organizations and individuals alike. The way we live, work, and communicate has been impacted. The key to recovery is resilience. Our program for researchers and associates in 2020 is focused on building the resilience required to help overcome these challenges and learn from the experience, both as individuals and organizations. The forum has a dual focus on developing capabilities and learning new skills.

AESC Executive Research Forums bring together executive search professionals who are responsible for various aspects of the search process and want to increase their professional skills and knowledge. Gain the techniques you need for executive research success and apply new insights by implementing your learning to improve results.

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Building Resilience
Positively Adapting to Challenge and Change
Influencing Skills
The Impact of Covid-19 on the Profession
The Role of Technology in Search
Locating and Leveraging Diverse Talent Pools
Board and Executive Gender Diversity
Cross-border Due Diligence


Critical Impact Moments

This session is designed to focus on your ability to engage, influence and build relationships with professional contacts. In business interactions, it is worth thinking about every single encounter as a critical impact moment. This is an opportunity to show your values, your expertise and your charisma.

In order to do this you must first be aware of what these things are for you.
• What is it that you are bringing to the party?
• What is the reputation you want to build?
• And how do you want people to see you?

This doesn’t mean that you tell people everything, you show these things through the stories you tell, your personal energy and thinking style.
There are techniques you can learn to come across in critical impact moments well and use them to create memorable and interesting conversations with people

Tom Cassidy
Working Voices
Positively Adapting to Challenge, Change and Setbacks

An insightful and informative session for researchers and associates looking to boost their RESILIENCE to not only survive, but positively adapt and orient towards THRIVING in these challenging times. We all experience pressure, setbacks and change at different points throughout our lives and at work. For many people these experiences can be overwhelmingly negative, resulting in a decline in effectiveness and wellbeing both at work and at home. For some, whilst these experiences can be difficult at the time, they emerge from them stronger, better able to cope with the demands of their career and life, and better able to deal with similar situations in future. It is the ability to adapt to these situations and emerge from them positively that defines 'Resilience'.
This session will dramatically expand your understanding of your own resilience. You will hear about the tangible, holistic and research-based framework of resilience that has supported thousands of professionals to be agile and be their more frequently. You will be able to extract techniques from activities around various resilience factors to enhance recovery from day-to-day challenges and setbacks to sustain peak performance.

Special OFFER for AESC forum delegates:
Get two private 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Gina, your personal 32 page Resilience Questionnaire™ report and a copy of Gina’s book. The offer is valued at U$ 2,200 but registered conference delegates can get this for U$ 280. There are only 15 places available for registration that will end on the 8th October 2020.

Gina Marescia
Practice Leader, Consultant & Author of Impactful Leadership: Unlock your Power CABI ™
Catalyst Consulting
Tech, Germs and Steel

We are clearly in the middle of an epoch of change, but it can be hard to make sense of what the future might hold. This panel of leading search consultants and research leaders will take a future-focused look at the profession, specifically exploring the role of technology, the long-term impact of Covid-19, and the steely focus on keeping pace with change.

Jonathan Holmes
Managing Director, Middle East & North Africa
Korn Ferry
Siobhan Walsh
Research Partner
Odgers Berndston
Louisa Wong
Executive Chairman
Global Sage
Emma Hiom
Operations Director, Europe and ROW
Coulter Partners
The Heart of Executive Search

How do we build relationships based on a platform of honesty and kindness? What are some key ways to develop rapport with candidates and enable candid conversations? What are the pitfalls to avoid? What kind of ethical issues do we face and how do we resolve them? How we manage these relationships and expectations is key to success. This session concentrates on an approach that has ethics, honesty and kindness at the centre of the executive research process.

Rachel Roche
Founder and President
Smart Search
Locating and Leveraging Diverse Candidate Pools

Diversity and Inclusion is an important part of talent acquisition across industries and organizations. In this session, AIRS will help you learn to locate and attract diverse talent to meet your hiring needs. Using free sources, AIRS will show how leveraging Web sourcing techniques can help you find top talent and how you can impact your Diversity and Inclusion recruiting efforts through effective and efficient recruiting strategies.

Laura Stoker
AIRS & Global Learning
Board and Leadership Team Gender Diversity across the World

This will be a brief review of gender diversity at board and leadership team level in 26 of the world’s leading equity indices.

Dominick Sutton
Chief Data Officer
Interviews in Cross-Border Due Diligence
Michael Harrington
Managing Director
Mintz Group
The 15 Minute Database Challenge

Cluen representatives will tackle the everyday challenges executive researchers face and present custom solutions on how they can be resolved.

Heidi Braun
Solutions Executive
James Gross
Solutions Consultant


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