EmTech Trends: Enhancing Productivity

Employing Technology for Productivity Gains

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May 14, 2019
08:00 to 09:00

In today's Business 4.0 environment, the rapid rate of change can be overwhelming. How to create a culture of agility while also ensuring long-term, mission-driven focus? How to use technology smartly to free up more time for new business development and client relationship management?

In a recent survey, AESC Members shared that productivity is a top business issue for both their own firms and their clients. According to The Conference Board's C-Suite Challenge 2019, increasing productivity is a top two (after improving the customer experience) desired business outcome for organizations when they adopt new technologies.

Join us for the first in our new webinar series covering emerging technology trends and how they impact your firm and your clients.

We'll be joined by an expert panel of entrepreneurs from companies employing technology in smart ways for productivity gains:

  • Fiona Adler, Founder, Actioned!
  • Richard Harrison, SVP Product, Executive Search, Invenias
  • Dennis R. Mortensen, CEO & Founder, x.ai

Moderated by Karen Greenbaum, President & CEO, AESC

About Actioned!
Actioned is a team productivity tool that helps people get more of the important things done. It works on simple principles of focusing team members on a short list of small, but important things they need to do each day. It uses team accountability (positive peer pressure) to help get those things done. A daily report summarizes each team member's results for the day and plans for the next day. Learn more at actioned.com.

About Invenias
Over 1,000 Executive Search Firms across the globe, including many AESC Member firms, use Invenias to deliver search assignments more effectively, build stronger relationships with their clients and candidates and transform the productivity of their operations. To learn more, visit invenias.com to request a free no obligation demo.

About x.ai
Founded in 2014, x.ai is a technology company with a mission to democratize the personal assistant. We’ve created Amy and Andrew Ingram, autonomous AI assistants who schedule meetings for you. We believe in invisible software, kindness as a design principle, and the power of AI to increase human potential. Learn more at x.ai.

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  • Today's top productivity killers and how to squelch them
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