AESC Executive Research Forum London 2020

March 12, 2020
March 12, 2020
08:00 to 18:30

AESC's Executive Research Forums are the premier events for executive research professionals to stay at the forefront of best practices, leverage new strategic insights and stay at the top of the profession.

As organizations embrace mission leadership, a new quotient of success emerges – one focused on purpose, people and progress. Clients look to our profession to deliver the talent required to drive their organizations forward with a strong purpose. Executive researchers play a critical role in uncovering diverse talent who can lead organizations to success for a new era of business.
Gain the techniques you need for executive research success in today's high-speed, high-stakes, and increasingly purpose-driven climate. AESC Executive Research Forums bring together executive search professionals who are responsible for various aspects of the search process and want to increase their professional skills and knowledge. Apply new insights by implementing your learning immediately to improve your results.

A seal of attendance will be provided to all attendees. This can be used as recognition of prior learning should they choose to complete the AESC Certificate in Executive Research (CER) at a later date.


Overcoming Candidate Objections
Executive researchers must engage with the best, most qualified candidates in a specific industry and function, many of whom are happily employed and not looking to make a change. Candidates may object to one or more aspects of the search – relocation is a real challenge for many. How can researchers uncover the true nature of a candidate’s objection? And what are the best ways to convince reluctant candidates to come into the search process? This highly interactive session will add new techniques to your portfolio of options.
Rachel Roche
Founder & President
Smart Search
How humour can be an effective tool to trigger innovation and drive gender diversity progress
Do you want to stimulate innovation in your work and on behalf of your clients, create environments that are conducive to creativity while tackling diversity issues? Today, the key to personal and professional success lies in our interpersonal skills and our capacity to handle relationships judiciously and empathetically. Humour is an underestimated asset that can be a powerful tool. Vanessa Marcie, from Leading with Humour, will share with us how the use of humour facilitates the free association of ideas needed to build relationships with clients, candidates and colleagues, establish a culture of innovation and gain a competitive advantage.
Dr. Vanessa Marcié
Founder & CEO
Leading with Humour
Enhancing your communication & Active Listening skills
How do you overcome challenges and make the mission impossible, possible? The Art of Active Listening strengthens client relationships, enables repeat business and increases productivity. In this interactive Session Elaine Powell, a renowned top public speaking coach and founder of SWC Training & Consultancy, will explore the principles of Active Listening, listening beyond words and how to unlock the barriers from candidates. You will leave with a number of practical tools to help you enhance your performance and unleash your potential of success.
Elaine Powell
Professional Speaker, Peak Performance & Public Speaking Coach
SWC Training & Consultancy
Future of Leadership through - Purpose. People. Progress.
As organizations focus more on their purpose along with their bottom line, a new quotient of success emerges – one focused on purpose, people and progress. During this session AESC will share insights from recent research on how our profession is evolving to meet the challenging needs of clients and candidates. What is the role the researcher is playing in shaping the future of leadership? How do we ensure the Diversity agenda is making an impact? What will 2020 bring for our own profession and our clients, and how does this impact executive research?
Clare Mahon
Managing Director, Europe & Africa
Facilitated table discussions
During these intermittently short sessions throughout the day, together with your peers, you will discuss emerging technology platforms. How to build a rapport with candidates and enable candid conversations. Managing relationships and expectations, is key to success. What are the pitfalls to avoid? What kind of ethical issues have you faced and how have you resolved them?
Rachel Roche
Founder & President
Smart Search


St. Ermin's Hotel, Autograph Collection
2 Caxton St, Westminster, London SW1H 0QW


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