Why Investment Bankers Want to Change the World

Why Investment Bankers Want to Change the World

The Rise of Meaningful Careers

Traditionally there has been a relatively clear distinction between commercial corporate talent and that focused on development or social purpose. However, with the emergence of hybrid models such as social enterprises, increasingly business acumen is being married with development expertise to drive a new way of finding solutions to old problems. Where young business graduates may in the past have sought opportunities in investment banking or consulting, today they are looking for ways to apply their business expertise to social problems. Foundations, NGOs and social enterprises are becoming the ‘dream job’ of global top talent seeking meaning to their career that goes beyond the money. Clare Woodcraft, the CEO of Emirates Foundation and former Deputy Director of Shell Foundation, has witnessed this emerging trend first hand and joins us on Tuesday 24th October to share her thoughts on the reasons behind it and how search professionals can best respond to this new talent landscape.

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5.00 PM | Introduction

5.15 PM | Why Investment Bankers Want to Change the World

A talk by Clare Woodcraft, CEO of Emirates Foundation

5.45 PM | Q&A

  • Clare Woodcraft

    CEO of Emirates Foundation



Roda Al Murooj Downtown Dubai, Al Saada Street, Dubai, United Arab Emirates