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Corporate Risk Control & Strategic Development Consultant
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Katherine Wang
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You will be required to use your knowledge of risk analysis and strategic planning as a consultant to help client companies define their overall development strategy, identify attractive international partners, make recommendations on information collection and judgment, compliance risk, prompt and early warning mechanisms for development of international projects.


Detailed Description:

  1. Provide compliance support for information disclosure and corporate governance of client companies.
  2. Undertake compliance risk in client companies business and provide suggestions for their strategic decision-making.
  3. Be familiar with information security risks, identification of internet risks and solutions.
  4. Interpret and analyze important laws and policies of capital markets. Maintain good cooperation with relevant government agencies.


The following background or experience are preferred

  1. Have working experience in front-line law enforcement department
  2. Experienced in undertaking government projects
  3. Expatriates
  4. Experience in well-known consulting company
  5. Experience in intelligence-related work  



Countries in the Asia Pacific region and / or online remote


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