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Senior Sourcing Analyst / Sourcing Analyst
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de JAGER Executive Search
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Sydney, Australia
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We believe that executive search sourcing is like bioinformatics in that as a function it develops and applies methods to process, store and analyse data. More specifically the function infers knowledge through computational analysis and integration of data, and to generate resources of lasting value to our and our clients business. An analogy for this role is that we seek a ‘white hat with strong engagement skills’, or in other words a data ninja who is either driven by honourable motivations or is likened to a mercenary working on honourable and ethical agendas; and has a track record of having engaged with C suite leadership. Our sourcing function is going to be very different to that of the traditional executive research search – and your role in shaping this future and in due course a team will be integral.


You will provide value adding analytics and related high-level executive search support to the de JAGER Executive Search consulting team. Specifically:

  • The successful candidate will attend and actively contribute to client briefing and engagement sessions throughout the process.
  • You will partner with each consultant in defining the search strategy for each mandate and will drive the delivery of a thorough research process, initially through the identification of candidates via desktop research, using a variety of tools and platforms that we have or will have access to as part of your recommendation or in fact creation, as much unearthing intelligence that will support the assessment and onboarding process.
  • Undertake digital footprint/portrait generation, including but not limited to social media and general media analysis.
  • Ideally then if comfortable dealing at the C suite level, undertake direct telephone sourcing activities through our existing and emerging networks.
  • Work closely with the leadership solutions lead to incorporate appropriate assessment and contribute to related thought leadership.The role’s high level of support is mission critical to the successful completion of every search mandate and to overall market knowledge; but to add further variety and stimulation. 


The actual scope of activities and projects undertaken will in part, be determined by the capability and motivation of the successful candidate. Some of the areas we are working though presently you could assist or take the lead on.

  • Database management, particularly in terms of refreshing/ updating the existing data sets. (We use bullhorn);
  • Develop an voir dire/behavioural question database that is linked to a generation engine associated to role and skill types;
  • Strategic analysis of artificial intelligence / machine learning sourcing/analytics tools in the marketplace alongside global team; (This will involve interaction with our global sourcing community)
  • As much as the strategic consideration around our own development, testing and onboarding of specific fit for purpose tools by our firm to support and provide real time analytics in the sourcing, search and assessments function and business performance. (eg Gamification architecture-based assessment tools)Position Profile | Commercial in Confidence | 31 January 2019 Page 5 of 8
  • Assists Directors with leveraging their professional network to generate leads, leverage inter organisational resources worldwide and share information that facilitates an effective & efficient search, interim and process for current and future mandates.
  • Pro-actively contribute to enhancing the practices of our global sourcing community.While we briefly touched earlier on the narrative that is our culture, it should be mentioned there is good support and mentoring within the business to support ongoing professional development; equally we would encourage potential colleagues to be already on their journey to emotional intelligence awareness. We also support global exchanges, having ourselves hosted a Sourcing Analyst from South America for 6 months, and more recently, the French and Dutch affiliate IIC member offices orchestrated a similar arrangement for one of their own sourcing team. 


  • Provide proactive and value adding research support and “state of the industry/sector” insights to the de JAGER consulting team;
  • Build candidate and market digital data footprint/portraits;
  • Effectively screen potential candidates against the Position Profile utilizing a combination of data/evidence/ as well as intuition and emotional intelligence;
  • Able to influence with a business development orientation;
  • Ability to multitask and respond to competing demands;
  • Able to synthesise a wealth of information into what is pertinent and relevant- both verbally and in written form;
  • Has a marketing mindset and excellent ability to put together a compelling role proposition to high calibre corporate candidates;
  • Able to work effectively with senior executives with differing work styles, but who also collaborate exceptionally well as a key theme within our own global business but also our client settings.
  • Develop, partner on and implement cutting edge tools (AI or otherwise) that deliver value. 


We know the above is big ask, so we are willing to invest in you if you are willing to invest in us. The key deliverables listed above indicate to the de JAGER team that our new colleague has ideally a background and experience set, as detailed below and has the ability to build out a team:

  • An ethical ‘data ninja’ in terms of technology skillsets (analogy ‘Cable in the TV show Bull’ or Abby in NICS); and/or
  • Bioinformatics expertise; early career as a data scientist; and/or
  • A rare breed who has both quantitative and qualitative experiences; and/or
  • Have worked within a consulting firm (such as a McKinsey, BCG) around value chain development /Code halo enabling/ crossroads modelling, and/or a progressive executive search firm who adopts such principals; and/or
  • Solid expertise in business analytics or as a business analyst; and/or
  • Advanced skills in qualitative and quantitative research and analytics and/or
  • Hands on experience with python programming language or similar; and/or
  • Experience with Controller neural net architecture and child model architecture in ML as well as Deep Learning architecture/networks in supervised and unsupervised learning environments; and
  • Intelligence and aptitude to learn quickly on the job; and
  • Ideally has previous corporate experience and may have worked in a professional services environment; and comfortable in a senior executive setting; and
  • We welcome mothers and fathers returning to the workforce, who may wish to work part time – 3.5 days a week ideally. 


The successful candidate will have a degree qualification as a minimum, ideally supported by evidence of ongoing personal and professional development. Relevant degrees include but not limited to psychology, sociology, criminology or another behavioural science as well as computer science, bioinformatics, library science, mathematics and commerce. 


The key deliverables, background, experience and qualifications outlined above must be supported by personal attributes, as detailed below:

  • Collaborative and team oriented with a strong result focus;
  • A good listener who enjoys and is effective on the phone;
  • Continuous Improvement in orientation who is also adaptable;
  • Highly motivated and able to work independently, as required;
  • A curious nature, mentally agile and a lateral thinker who is able to think “outside the box”;
  • Able to prioritise workloads and balance numerous activities simultaneously, in a fast-paced quality focused environment;
  • Ability to influence and gain buy-in from colleagues and clients;
  • Entrepreneurial drive, able to work in a somewhat unstructured environment with minimal supervision;
  • High energy and innovative in mindset;
  • Able to identify process improvement initiatives;
  • Ability to form relationships and rapport with senior executives;
  • Strong integrity, confidentiality and work ethic;
  • Emotionally astute, sincere and helpful;
  • Resilient, yet empathetic and giving of self;
  • Attentive to the detail, organised; and
  • Has a ‘Joie de vivre’ mindset. 


Some of the questions we would want to ask you:

  • Can you give us the names of 2-4 people whose careers you have fundamentally improved?
  • Can you give us example of working both smart and hard simultaneously?
  • Bioinformatics is critical to our future success – how should we leverage this moving forward?
  • In your opinion, what are the two greatest challenges we may face in sourcing analytics today?
  • What would you do to address these challenges?
  • What system do you have in place to keep well ahead of your priorities?
  • What 5 activities you want to do with your candidate data that you don’t do today?
  • What would you like candidates and clients to say about you?
  • How do you activate and align with the cultural norms of the organisation you have joined? 


We are a courageous organisation, who takes small leaps every day and disrupts itself as much as ensuring we are leaping infield with our customers to observe, talk and interact. While we are a conservative collective, we regularly reassess our beliefs, favoured processes and embrace diverse approaches. Importantly we only work with clients whose values match ours. This means that we are intentionally focused on working with a select group of clients, in a hands-on, long term partnership orientated type model.In addition, culturally we are an extended family, both locally and globally. We pride ourselves on turning the perspectives of ourselves and our client inside out – but doing so in ways that only a family would do – with empathy, with evidence and with a sense of purpose! We are not bystanders but rather focus on constructively questioning and crafting creative solutions on behalf of our clients.


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