IIPE International Executive Research

Established in 2007, IIPE is a Latin American-based candidate research firm covering multiple industriesand disciplines across the globe. Our research staff (AIRS Certified) are trained as executive recruiters by IIPE’s Principal, a 28 year executive search professional, member and Membership Chair Officer of the Pinnacle Society. With multi-lingual capability, the competencies and experience of our staff support our unique ability to provide customized solutions to fit your business needs - advanced sourcing, list generation, candidate development, organizational mapping and database scrubbing. Using advanced candidate sourcing, IIPE has the capacity to extract accurate information from any internet site in minutes through proprietary software. This combined with customized screening methods produces high volume passive talent. Process includes Boolean string searches, crowd sourcing, social media, associations and more.

Reasons to Partner with IIPE:

  • Strong client relationships, dedication to quality and our proprietary process enables us to accelerate the time to fill. 85% of list results in placements.
  • Clients can expect valuable insights on potential candidates based on live conversations.
  • Our automated proprietary quoting tool provides clients with a quick and accurate estimate of the total research costs for a project.
  • We help you fill positions by producing lists that are right from the start so you have more time to build relationships and close deals.
  • All lists are 100% validated with names, titles, contact information and relevant notes.
  • IIPE delivers timely turnaround without sacrificing quality at cost reductions of up to 60%.

USA: 203-653-2211 | Mexico: 555-351-2761 | info@iipe.net | www.iipe.net/servicesfeatures