Global Board Ready Women (GBRW)

Global Board Ready Women (GBRW) is an initiative of the European Business Schools/Women on Board Task Force and the Forte Foundation, and is facilitated and administered by the Financial Times Non-Executive Directors’ Club.  It was founded in the belief that business schools, businesses, business associations and senior women executives have an obligation not only to prepare and insure a pipeline for senior talent but also to lead the way forward for the formation and execution of global, diverse boards of publicly-listed companies and to smash the myth that there are not enough qualified women to serve on publicly-listed boards. Originally started as a private answer to the European Commission’s work in the promotion of Women on Boards, the initiative has since found global resonance. 
Today the GBRW Group has vetted more than 2700 individual members from lists of over 7500 Global Board Ready Women provided by over 120 Business Schools, Professional Associations and Organizations coming from 70 countries around the world and the group is growing every day. Each of these women has been vetted against strict quantitative and qualitative criteria, drawn up by the Task Force reflecting best practices across global corporate governance culture.
Through its partnership with the AESC, GBRW members can join the Blue Steps Programme thereby ensuring AESC members have access to a diverse selection of highly-qualified, experienced senior women executives desiring to contribute in a positive manner to corporate governance culture.
To learn more, please visit http://globalboardreadywomen.com/ or contact: Heidi Gains, in United Kingdom on +44 1278 773312, heidi.gains@ft.com